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Temporary Guardianship Agreement I of print your full name list your street address city state zip List the Full Names of Each of Your Children List Each Child s Birth Date do hereby grant temporary custody of the above listed children to are Granting Temporary Custody List Each Person s Relationship to the Children Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. s current address is Statement of Consent To be signed in the presence of a legalized notary public* whom I have legal custody of to From to. For as long as...
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Voluntarily grant temporary custody of my minor children for a period of three (3) months to one (1) year(s) to ___________ a. a. Mrs. ___________ (name), and b. ___________ a. Jr. List me as the custodial parent of this child until (date), and if I change my mind I will (if I am unable to attend to my obligation at the scheduled date, I will be released on this day and replaced by a person not already listed here). In consideration of such release I hereby declare that I have never been convicted, plead guilty to any crime as an adult, entered any form of juvenile delinquency program, or been adjudicated a delinquent child. I have not suffered a psychological or emotional abuse at the hands of an adult for which there is evidence to indicate the child of this relationship suffered any emotional or mental harm or caused physical injury. Also, in consideration of this release, I hereby consent to have this court appointed temporary parent, pursuant to Chapter 704, RSM, appoint another person to assume the responsibilities, obligations and duties of the prior custodian pursuant to the same release.
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Hi this is Fred Newman of Hanson demon essential New Jersey law firm specializing in guardianship of minors and adults in all 21 counties of the state of New Jersey I've done a number of YouTube videos on the topic of guardianship today I wanna just briefly touch on the topic of temporary guardianship now a lot of folks really don't know the specifics of a guardianship most times when the topic comes up it has to do with an aging person, but I want to speak to those adults with small children or adults of older children who may for whatever reason be absent from the state of New Jersey or the country for an extended period of time against the obvious candidates for that would be members of our military, but there's an awful lot of corporate men and women out there who because of job assignments are required to spend years in a foreign location perhaps for reasons related to school health or other reasons bringing the children with their parents just not it's not feasible well what does one do in those circumstances the immediate a reaction might be well I'll get a power of an appointment done or a power of attorney time well that's not so easy because if a child is a minor they have no capacity to do that and one could perhaps I guess give a power of attorney to another adult person to care for the minor children however in order to have the kind of legal authority the legal decision-making that's necessary for a temporary guardianship the better practice procedure is to apply for temporary guardianship through the County surrogates' office now we've done a couple of these over the years mostly in the context of a parent who was incapacitated because of an injury or illness where there was an expectation that they would return to their former self in which case the court is very understanding and oftentimes will do away with a lot of the formalities that otherwise required particularly the requirement for a court-appointed attorney to act as a guardian at item so if you're one of the individuals who need a guardianship and I might add in the context of our discussion here today temporary guardianship could be very effective in a situation for an older person if it is expected that they're going to be able to return to service Oh Guardian or the person that they're looking for temporary guardianship over is likely to recover good example might be that recent Terri Schizo case however of course we know she never did recover but if someone's in a coma perhaps has been in a serious accident is not able to function for themselves one could go in for a temporary medical guardianship, so it's an option to consider, and I think this topic is something that a few of you have asked me to address I hope you found it to be of interest, and we'll be talking to you again real soon
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